Lewiston residents can vote before the Dec. 12 mayoral runoff election. They can call the city clerk’s office and request an absentee ballot, or go to Lewiston City Hall to vote early.

Even though Mayor Carl Sheline won by a margin of 45% of the vote, the Lewiston Charter was changed. The charter states that the candidate must win by 50% plus one vote. His opponent got only 38% of the vote.

The Lewiston taxpayer must pay for another election. It’s a waste of money. The wrong time of the year puts a burden on seniors, and for people with health issues because of cold weather. Longley School is a long walk to the gym to vote and is the only polling place for this election on Dec. 12.

People should plan to vote early for Mayor Carl Sheline.

He has earned our vote. He always works in the best interest of all the residents of Lewiston.

Diane Grandmaison, Lewiston

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