OXFORD — Oxford Police Chief Rickie Jack has issued a public advisory to warn residents about a recent spate of package thefts in some parts of town.

“As the holiday season approaches and online shopping becomes increasingly popular, it is crucial for residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their delivered packages,” a post on the department’s Facebook page read, followed by tips for online shoppers to try and mitigate thieves looking for opportunity.

“You can drive by anywhere and see boxes sitting on people’s steps,” Jack told the Advertiser Democrat last week. “It just attracts a lot of attention.”

The locations hit in Oxford are in more rural neighborhoods where there are fewer potential witnesses in the vicinity. None of the theft victims had security cams set up, but Jack said Det. Brandon Correia is investigating a few persons of interest.

In Norway police were able to easily solve a Nov. 20 porch theft with assistance from a camera that identified the thieves, who Chief Jeff Campbell said, were already known to the department.

“On Nov. 29 we arrested Ethan Farrar and Jenell Risbara, who both live in Paris, for the theft,” Campbell said. “And in this instance we were able to recover the stolen items from their residence.


“A lot of people don’t even report these thefts. But it’s important. If you’ve noticed your vehicle has been vandalized or gone through, or things have taken from your property, we may already be investigating similar issues in your neighborhood. You may have captured someone on security. Ring cams are not 100%, but they useful to help identify the thieves doing this.”

Oxford Police Department advisory recommends residents take the following precautions to prevent package theft:

• Utilize tracking services: Keep a close eye on the tracking information provided by the carrier. This allows you to monitor the expected delivery time and make arrangements to be present when the package arrives.

• Request signature confirmation: Opt for signature confirmation upon delivery, as this ensures your package won’t be left unattended at your doorstep.

• Customize delivery instructions: Consider requesting alternative delivery locations, such as your workplace or a trusted neighbor’s address, where someone can accept the package on your behalf.

• Install security cameras: Surveillance cameras can act as a deterrent and provide valuable evidence in case of a theft. Consider installing them at your front porch or other vulnerable areas.

• Utilize package lockers: Explore options provided by your carrier, such as their delivery to nearest terminal locations or secure package lockers, where you can pick up your package at your convenience.

• Communicate with neighbors: Establish a neighborhood watch or community group to share information about suspicious activities and look out for one another’s packages.

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