PARIS — Marshal Adams scored 23 points to pace Edward Little in its season-opening 46-39 win over Oxford Hills in a Class AA North boys basketball contest on Friday.

Diing Maiwen contributed 10 points for the Red Eddies (1-0).

For the Vikings (0-1), Carter Holbrook chipped in 13 points and Brayden Murch scored 12 points.

MT. ABRAM 85, LISBON 35: Cam Grey scored 23 points for the Roadrunners in their season-opening win over the Greyhounds in Lisbon.

Payton Mitchell added 14 points for Mt. Abram, and Bryce Wilcox contributed 10 points.

Owen Booker had 10 points for Lisbon. Owen Hurd and Keeghan Morrissette each chipped in five.


MT. BLUE 48, NOKOMIS 35: The Cougars (1-0) overcame a slow start to notch a season-opening road win over the Warriors (0-1) in Newport.

Nokomis held Mt. Blue to four points in the first quarter and took a 14-4 lead into the second. The Cougars scored 30 points combined in the next two quarters while limiting the Warriors to seven points.

Mt. Blue’s Evans Sterling led all scorers with 19 points, and Noah Leso added 10 points.

Dawson Townsend scored 11 points to lead Nokomis.

SPRUCE MOUNTAIN 54, HALL-DALE 29: First-quarter 3-pointers got the Phoenix off to a strong start as they cruised to a win over the Bulldogs in Farmingdale.

Ian York drained two treys and Dylan Jewett and Jace Bessey each hit one in the opening period, after which Spruce Mountain led 17-6.


Bessey led all scorers with 23 points. York finished with 13 and Jewett scored seven. The Phoenix made seven 3-pointers.

Karter Eldridge was Hall-Dale’s top scorer with seven points.

ST. DOMINIC 53, NYA 34: Taylor Varney scored 18 points to lead the Saints to a win over the Panthers in the season opener in Auburn.

Kai Taylor added 10 points, Jonathan Tangilamesu had eight and Jack Brocke finished with seven.

For NYA, Brayden Kloza was the top scorer with 14 points. Nate Oney contributed 12.

WAYNFLETE 72, POLAND 61: The Flyers ran out to a 21-4 first-quarter lead and led throughout as they topped the Knights in Portland.


Jed Alsup scored 19 points, Nico Kirby tossed in 18 and Pauli Mukerangingo added 10 for Waynflete.

Freshman Nick Jamo paced Poland with 33 points, including five 3-pointers.

WINTHROP 51, BOOTHBAY 36: The Ramblers used a 27-14 advantage in the second half to pull away from the Seahawks in Winthrop.

Chan Ring led Winthrop with 19 points. Carter Rivers added 16 and Brayden Branagan had 10.

Finn Harkins scored 18 points for Boothbay. Luke Morley chipped in with 11.

WINDHAM 47, LEWISTON 31: Creighty Dickson notched 12 points and 14 rebounds to power the Eagles past the Blue Devils in Windham.


Adrian Moody led Windham in scoring with 13 points.

Caden Boone tallied seven points for Lewiston.

GREENVILLE 54, RANGELEY 47: Liam Mason scored 41 points for Greenville, leading the Lakers to a win at Rangeley.

Ocean Turner added eight points and Landon Theriault tallied five for Greenville.

For Rangeley, Brayden Thompson finished with 15 points and Sam Morrill contributed 14.

MADISON 42, MOUNTAIN VALLEY 39: Deacon Murray scored 14 points to lead the Bulldogs (1-0) to a win over the Falcons (0-1).


Nathan Cornforth added 12 points for Madison.

For Mountain Valley, Jake New tallied 15 points and Seneca Jones finished with nine points.

DIRIGO 73, TELSTAR/GOULD 47: Nathaniel Wainwright led the way for the two-time defending state champion Cougars in their season-opening victory over the Rebels in Bethel.

Wainwright, a junior, put up a game-high 24 points, while Brady Philbrick scored 14 for Dirigo. Philbrick made three 3-pointers.

Telstar’s Wyatt Lilly and Reiley Hedden also made three 3-pointers apiece, and finished with 17 and 15 points, respectively.

FALMOUTH 75, GRAY-NEW GLOUCESTER 54: Billy Birks finished with 21 points to lead the Navigators (1-0) to a win against the Patriots (0-1) in Falmouth.


Henry Stowell contributed 17 points and Chris Simonds tallied 14 points for Falmouth.

For Gray-New Gloucester, Nate Hebert scored 20 points, Jonny Patenaude contributed 13 points and Aiden Hebert added 10 points.

LEWISTON 61, WINDHAM 32: Natalie Beaudoin scored 20 points for the Blue Devils in their season-opening win over the Eagles in Lewiston.

Koral Morin finished with 15 points, Ellie Legare contributed 14 and Ella Beaudoin added seven.

For Windham, Mackenzie Delewski scored 11 points and Isabella Vassoler chipped in with 6.

MT. ABRAM 56, LISBON 6: Bailea Haines finished with 15 points to lead the Roadrunners to a win over the Greyhounds in the season opener in Salem Township.


Kharlie Turner added 10 points, Jany Pepin scored nine points and Jenna Osgood had six for Mt. Abram.

For Lisbon, Leah Barry, Kasie Booker and Riley Kuuetauskcis each chipped in two points.

WAYNFLETE 33, POLAND 24: Lucy Hart scored 14 points, Lauren McNutt-Girouard added 11, and the Flyers opened their season with a victory at Poland.

NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY 57, ST. DOMINIC 31: Graca Bila put in 14 points and Ella Giguere had 13 to lead the Panthers over the Saints in Auburn.

Ava Wilkinson added 10 points for NYA.

Piper Croteau scored 11 points for St. Dom’s.


GRAY-NEW GLOUCESTER 53, FALMOUTH 38: The Patriots raced to a 23-3 lead in the first quarter and coasted to a win over the Navigators in Gray.

Ali Portas scored 17 points, Izzy Morelli had 16 and Ella Kenney scored 10 for Gray-New Gloucester.

Falmouth’s Emily Abbott tallied 14 points.

MARANACOOK 43, MONMOUTH 32: Celia Bergdahl scored 12 points for the Black Bears (1-0) to lead them in a win over the Mustangs (0-1).

Natalie Mohlar added 10 points for Maranacook.

For Monmouth, Kaitlyn Frosted tallied nine points and Rileigh Chase chipped in eight points.

Morse at Lewiston
1, Morse 85. 2, Lewiston 49.
1, Morse 114. 2, Lewiston 12.
Girls 200 Medley Relay
1, Morse ‘A’ (Wright, Lily; Rodriguez, Yuiza; Marco, Eliza; Craney, Olivia), 2:09.94. 2, Lewiston ‘A’ (Cloutier, Klara; Tremblay, Chloe; Roy, Gabby; Douglas, Lily), 2:14.97.
Boys 200 Medley Relay
1, Morse ‘A’ (Wright, Sawyer; Chubbuck, Brady; McDonough, Gaffney; Savage, Anders), 1:45.51.
Girls 200 Freestyle
1, Marco, Eliza, Morse, 2:05.36. 2, Wright, Lily, Morse, 2:39.96.
Boys 200 Freestyle
1, Weafer, Finn, Morse, 2:05.58. 2, Savage, Wilder, Morse, 2:11.31.
Girls 200 IM
1, Rodriguez, Yuiza, Morse, 2:34.27. 2, Tetreault, Grace, Morse, 2:49.75. 3, Cloutier, Klara, Lew, 2:50.61.
Boys 200 IM
1, Wright, Sawyer, Morse, 2:11.54. 2, Mitchell, David, Morse, 2:14.56.
Girls 50 Freestyle
1, Roy, Gabby, Lew, 26.10. 2, Trundy, Elena, Morse, 26.56. 3, Douglas, Lily, Lew, 31.88. 4, Tremblay, Chloe, Lew, 32.70. 5, Doak, Avery, Morse, 34.25.
Girls 100 Butterfly
1, Roy, Gabby, Lew, 1:03.33. 2, Trundy, Elena, Morse, 1:03.49. 3, Craney, Olivia, Morse, 1:29.48.
Boys 100 Butterfly
1, Mitchell, David, Morse, 1:03.92. 2, Chubbuck, Brady, Morse, 1:04.41. 3, Wright, Oz, Morse, 1:12.58.
Girls 100 Freestyle
1, Tremblay, Chloe, Lew, 1:13.57. 2, Doak, Avery, Morse, 1:21.30. 3, Hibl, Ophelia, Morse, 1:29.26. 4, Ninganza, Carelle, Lew, 1:42.56.
Boys 100 Freestyle
1, Savage, Anders, Morse, 54.12. 2, Grondin, Noah, Morse, 1:03.12. 3, Hibl, Otto, Morse, 1:15.23. 4, Scardoni, Mason, Lew, 1:19.00. 5, Abdi, Saleban, Lew, 1:26.50. 6, Dozolo, Klein, Lew, 1:26.67.
Girls 500 Freestyle
1, Marco, Eliza, Morse, 5:37.09. 2, Wright, Lily, Morse, 7:17.13.
Boys 500 Freestyle
1, McDonough, Gaffney, Morse, 5:33.87. 2, Savage, Wilder, Morse, 5:37.09. 3, Chubbuck, Brady, Morse, 5:59.75.
Girls 200 Freestyle Relay
1, Lewiston ‘A’ (Cloutier, Klara; Douglas, Lily; Tremblay, Chloe; Roy, Gabby), 2:00.83. 2, Morse ‘A’ (Craney, Olivia; Tetreault, Grace; Wright, Lily; Trundy, Elena), 2:01.33.
Boys 200 Freestyle Relay
1, Morse ‘A’ (Grondin, Noah; Savage, Wilder; Hibl, Otto; Mitchell, David), 1:30.53. 2, Morse ‘B’ (Weafer, Finn; Wright, Oz; Freemerman, Noah; McDonough, Gaffney), 1:48.35. 3, Lewiston ‘A’ (Mohamed, Hamdi; Ndoko Mvundo, Pedro; Abdi, Saleban; Scardoni, Mason), 2:30.76.
Girls 100 Backstroke
1, Cloutier, Klara, Lew, 1:16.79. 2, Tetreault, Grace, Morse, 1:22.37. 3, Douglas, Lily, Lew, 1:23.50. 4, Craney, Olivia, Morse, 1:24.20.
Boys 100 Backstroke
1, Savage, Anders, Morse, 1:03.25. 2, Wright, Oz, Morse, 1:12.87. 3, Scardoni, Mason, Lew, 1:36.44. 4, Mohamed, Hamdi, Lew, 1:53.83.
Girls 100 Breaststroke
1, Rodriguez, Yuiza, Morse, 1:23.37. 2, Hibl, Ophelia, Morse, 1:41.65.
Boys 100 Breaststroke
1, McDonough, Gaffney, Morse, 1:09.61. 2, Wright, Sawyer, Morse, 1:11.27. 3, Weafer, Finn, Morse, 1:17.49.
Girls 400 Freestyle Relay
1, Morse ‘A’ (Tetreault, Grace; Trundy, Elena; Rodriguez, Yuiza; Marco, Eliza), 4:06.19.
Boys 400 Freestyle Relay
1, Morse ‘A’ (Mitchell, David; Chubbuck, Brady; Savage, Wilder; Weafer, Finn), 3:46.45. 2, Morse ‘B’ (Savage, Anders; Wright, Oz; Grondin, Noah; Wright, Sawyer), 3:52.53. 3, Lewiston ‘A’ (Dozolo, Klein 17, Mohamed, Hamdi 15, Abdi, Saleban 17, Scardoni, Mason 17), 5:56.13.

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