Coaches: Angie Jalbert (seventh year) and Rick Smith (third year)
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: 14th at states, fourth at KVAC championships; Girls: 13th at states, third at KVACs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Shirome Coy; Juniors — Gavin Anderson, Quinn St. Peter Scott, Corbin Frey; Sophomore — James Bolduc. Girls: Senior — Yolly San Pedro; Juniors — Leilani Mitchell, Fatuma Awil, Kandace Bowden Fuller.
Key losses: Boys: Dru Hyndman (jumps/sprints), Elijah Morgan (distance), Tudum Monday (hurdles/jumps); Girls: Breya Whitman (jumps), Lilly Watkins (hurdles/jumps), Neviana Fogg (shot put), Abigail Faucher (pole vault).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Seniors — Jaden Baril, Jacob Grealish; Juniors — Ben Dubois, Zach Gerry; Sophomore — Muhudin Jibril; Freshman — Tommy LaBlanc. Girls: Juniors — Kiara Bushman, Azaraya May.
Season outlook: Jalbert said that while the Edward Little girls graduated some great athletes from last year’s team, they also have several great athletes who return this winter. The new team members will great additions, said Jalbert, who is excited to see what the season brings for both the girls and boys. The Red Eddies have more athletes on the boys side this season, including several promising newcomers who will help the returners fill the void of “some very talented senior athletes,” Jalbert said.

Coaches: Todd Mercer (21st year) and Mike Griffin (ninth year); assistants: James LePage, Jeff Amos
Class: B; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: Boys: Ninth at WMC championships; Girls: 20th at states, fourth at WMCs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Tony Reiling (sprints), Jacob Maschino (shot put), Preston Gerry (distance), Breaden Chute (sprints), Phil Soul (shot put), Trevor Amos (shot put), Wyatt MacLean (sprints); Juniors — Cole Thibodeau (sprints), Cole Ouellette (shot put), Cameron Meek (shot put), Noah Johnson (shot put), Gavin Gerry (distance), Cole Frey (sprints), Sam Klosinski (sprints). Girls: Seniors — Kylie Thibodeau (sprints/long jump), Sarah Patriquin (jumps), Maisie Larette (high jump/sprints), Ella Brown (sprints/jumps), Ava Austin (sprints); Juniors — Annie Reynolds (shot put), Sam Poulin (shot put), Elara Kluck (shot put); Sophomores — Lyedin Chase-Lessard (sprints), Lilah Thompson (sprints).
Key losses: Jenna Lynch, Joe Burgess.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Senior — Ben Cobb (jumps/hurdles); Sophomore — Brody Tracy (shot put).
Season outlook: Coach Todd Mercer said the Patriots have been in recovery mode since the pandemic, “trying to rebuild the systems and traditions lost before leadership could pass them on.” That being said, this season’s squad features a collection of hard-working and highly competitive athletes, according to Mercer, who added that the team has the potential for double-digit athletes to score at states and possibly even a state champion.

Coaches: Jamie Juntura (12th year), Will Parkin (fifth year), Jen Perron (second year), Nicole Fletcher (first year)
Class: B; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: 11th at states, KVAC Class B champions; Girls: 17th at states, KVAC Class B champions.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Logan Berube (sprints), Drake Bartley (sprints), Cole Johanson (pole vault); Juniors — Kaiden Tabet (shot put), Stephen Pierre (jumps/hurdles), Noah Gibbs (jumps/hurdles), Wade Desrosiers (sprints), Justin Adams (sprints), Landen Aasen (shot put); Sophomores — Travis Potter (sprints/jumps), Ethan Petersen (sprints), Trent Gordon (shot put), Anthony Cluff (sprints), Parker Charest (shot put), Brady Barclay (sprints/shot put). Girls: Seniors — Zoe Stadler (shot put), Emily Poland (shot put/sprints), Sam Deblois (shot put), Nola Boutaugh (sprints); Juniors — Jayna Thistle (shot put), Abbie Simpson (shot put/sprints/jumps), Lilly Pelletier (shot put), Olivea Miller (sprints/hurdles/jumps), Maddy Madore (sprints), Michaela Harrington (shot put), Sydney Giles (shot put), Izzy Gates (jumps/sprints/pole vault), Maddi Gabri (sprints), Kaisley Marquis (sprints); Sophomore — Carina Castagna (sprints/jumps).
Key losses: Boys: Dayton Calder (sprints); Girls: Emma Couturier (sprints/jumps).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Seniors — Maddox Demers (shot put), Brayden Greenlaw (jumps); Juniors — Brock Poulin (sprints), Joe Marden (pole vault), Phin Scherrer (pole vault). Girls: Senior — Aubrey Oakes (shot put); Sophomores — Danielle Bergeron (jumps), Jada Beedy (hurdles/pole vault); Freshman — Emily Kinchen (sprints/hurdles).
Season outlook: The Leavitt boys are hungry for an indoor state title after winning the Class B outdoor championship in the spring, coach Jamie Juntura said. Senior sprinters Logan Berube and Drake Bartley are looking for big performances at the championship meets, junior Stephen Pierre is ready to place big in the hurdles and jumps, and Juntura added that bringing in Maddox Demers to team up with Landon Aasen in the shot put will help the Hornets’ scoring potential. The girls have to replace the leadership and jumping production of Emma Couturier, but Juntura said the returning athletes are ready to step in to that leadership role. Senior Nola Boutaugh will lead the sprinters, while the “Bomb Squad” of shot put throwers includes Michaela Harrington, Sam Deblois and Aubrey Oakes all pushing for the 30-foot mark. Juntura also called Olivea Miller a Swiss-army knife for the girls team.

Coach: Craig John (second year); assistants: Carolyn Court, Ken Ball, Mohamed Awil
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: 17th at states, third at KVAC championships; Girls: 20th at states, KVAC runner-up.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Ahmed Abdow (sprints/jumps), Arisitque Meli (jumps/sprints), Jaylan Ball (sprints), Martinho Codo (jumps/shot put); Juniors — Ryker Paradis (shot put/sprints), Tadon Rogers (shot put), Omar Rashid (sprints), Ritangel Silva (sprints/jumps), Alexander Wade (sprints); Sophomores — Cameron Harris (sprints), Shaker Mahdi (sprints/jumps), Enzo Giampaolo (distance), Evan Brousseau (distance), Ethan Fortuna (middle distance), Jesus Rafael (400/jumps), Larson Stone (jumps/hurdles/pole vault), Brior Verrill (sprints), Tayshawn Watson (sprints). Girls: Seniors — Madison Binette (800), Claudia Cucubica (sprints/jumps), Katelyn Lynch (shot put); Juniors — Annie Spurr (distance), Victoria Mpaka (sprints), Jenni Flynn (sprints/hurdles/jumps), Stefanie Touffour (sprints/jumps), Biel Deng (jumps), Haley Aloegnikou (sprints); Sophomores — Amelia Wooten (distance), Virginia Foss (jumps/hurdles), Delanie Ouellette (distance), Madilyn Moreau (hurdles/jumps), Lillian Beaulieu (400/shot put), Holly Aloegnikou (shot put/sprints).
Key losses: Adam Bilodeau, Danny Zhang, Feysal Abdirahman, Gwen Jordan (injury).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Junior — Josia Katroli (sprints/jumps); Sophomore — Braden Earles (shot put); Freshman — Dimitri Kilongo (sprints). Girls: Senior — Makenna Drouin (sprints); Juniors — Athanasia Andoniades (sprints), Jemima Francisco (400/jumps); Sophomore — Anna Courtemanche (sprints); Freshman — Tracy Banguninga (sprints).
Season outlook: The Blue Devils have a big team with a lot of talent, according to head coach Craig John, but he said the main goal “is for the athletes to develop to their highest potential while having fun along the way.” He is looking for the more experienced athletes to mentor the newer team members. “We want everyone on the team to feel valued and to understand that they are vital to the team no matter how fast they run or how far they jump,” he added.

Coach: Seth Levier (first year)
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: Seventh at KVAC championships; Girls: 21st at states, fifth at KVACs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Carlton Dailey (sprints), Ben Palmer (jumps), Zack Braun (hurdles). Girls: Brittany Carrier (middle distance), Mya Austin (sprints), Nellie Gilbert (high jump/sprints), Kalli Johnson (sprints/long jump), Laura Swasey (sprints/shot put), Izzy Farrar (shot put).
Promising newcomers: Girls: Madison Berry (shot put), Oleana Laganas (long jump/sprints), Chloe Grover (sprints).
Season outlook: Levier took over during the preseason and said he is starting with a fresh outlook. He said there is “a ton of natural talent on this team and I hope I can coach them into reaching their individual goals and potential.” A few school records could be broken this season.

Coach: Joshua Kennison (second year); assistants: Chuck Cantone, Darren Jimmo (first year)
Class: B; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: Boys: Fifth at states, third at WMC championships; Girls: Seventh at WMCs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Aidan Webb (sprints), Alerick Sands (sprints), Cadyn Langlois (sprints), Dodge LaFrinea (sprints); Junior — Cayden Michaud (sprints); Sophomores — Ryan Langlois (sprints), Riley Lamb (sprints), Lucas Foss (sprints), Mason Dulworth (sprints), George Dionne (sprints), Cohen Demuth (sprints), Ethan Castonguay (sprints), Brayden Brown (sprints). Girls: Seniors — Danielle Warren (sprints), Abby Hamilton-Borkowski (sprints); Juniors — Autumn Demelia (sprints), Brianna Corriveau (distance); Sophomore — Emily Bartlett (distance).
Key losses: Nolan Garey, Nick Garey, Gio Warren.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Seniors — Eagen Whitten (sprints), Ryan Kelly (distance); Freshman — William Wallingford (sprints). Girls: Senior — Alice Catry (sprints); Freshmen — Regan Wakem (sprints/jumps), Graceyn Camire (sprints/pole vault), Kaiah McGarry (shot put), Elianna Morello (sprints), Rianna St. Pierre (distance).
Season outlook: The Knights are a young team this season, but Kennison said the program always receives some amazing athletes from the local Panthers Track Club youth program. The high school team will have athletes in more events this season, and Kennison said they are a hard-working group.

Coach: Jarrod Carnrick (first year)
Class: B; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: Boys: Class B state champion, sixth at WMC championships; Girls: 22nd at states, seventh at WMCs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Emmett Mooney (sprints), David Gustin (distance/shot put), Chris Pottle (distance), Teddy Wagner (distance); Sophomores — Gavin Godfrey (sprints/jumps), Jack Gilpatrick (sprints/jumps), Phoenix Jalbert (sprints/jumps), Demitri Keene (distance), Logan Martin (jumps/sprints). Girls: Senior — Lauren Hanlon (hurdles/distance); Juniors — Ashley Arsenault (sprints/jumps), Alexxys Baird (shot put/sprints), Rohen Brown (distance), Izzy Folsom (jumps/sprints), Lauren Naous (hurdles/sprints), Anna Theriault (sprints/jumps); Sophomore — Nina Brown (sprints).
Key losses: Boys: James Cognata (distance), Sam Laverdiere (distance), Mateus Campos (sprints), Matt Holman (sprints); Girls: Kiana Goldberg (hurdles/sprints/jumps).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Isaac Yombe (sprints/jumps), Isaac Scribellito (distance), Adam Hayes (sprints), Kaden James (shot put/sprints), Ryan Hanlon (distance), Eben Michaud (distance/pole vault), Hayden Murphy (jumps). Girls: Ava Martin (distance), Grace Drouin (distance), Avia Russo (sprints/hurdles), Emily Andrews (sprints), Gigi Errico (sprints), Selma Adam (jumps), Kaitlyn Brito (jumps).
Season outlook: Both the boys and girls teams are in decent shape, with increased numbers from last season, according to Carnrick. The boys are looking to maintain the new standard set for themselves after winning the state championship last season. The girls are looking to earn more championship appearances to improve on last year’s showing.

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