Maine’s unemployment rate increased slightly in December to 3.2%, which is the highest it’s been in nearly two years but still historically low.

According to data released Tuesday by the Maine Department of Labor, last month marked the fifth consecutive month of unemployment rate increases. Slightly more than 23,000 people were considered unemployed.

Still, the rate was nearly identical to the 3.1% unemployment reported in December 2022.

“The undulating pattern of preliminary rates throughout the year is common; it is not as indicative of underlying trends as it may appear,” the department said in a release.

Despite the recent increase, Maine’s rate was below 4% for the 25th consecutive month, the second longest period since the current estimating system was put in place in 1976. Additionally, Maine’s overall rate in 2023 was on track to be the lowest on record, although the final estimate won’t be released until March 1.

The U.S. unemployment rate in December was slightly higher than Maine’s at 3.7%.

As is typically the case, the unemployment rate fluctuated greatly from county to county in Maine. Cumberland County had the lowest rate, at 2.8%, while Piscataquis County saw the highest, 4.9%.

The unemployment rate doesn’t capture everyone who isn’t working, only those who are actively seeking work.

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