Lewiston’s city administration has thus far failed to justify its recommendation to eliminate the sanitation/code enforcement officer, which entails housing as well as food service inspections.

Furthermore, administration has not justified why it is not renewing its contract with the director of planning and code enforcement, as there is no supporting paper trail.

Administration was embarrassed at the Jan. 23 City Council meeting, as many concerned citizens called out its actions for what they are. Now the mayor is calling for a survey of businesses that have interacted with planning and code.

Why limit the survey to businesses? Why not property owners, etc.? The survey needs to be specific so that any “negative situations” can be fully understood and evaluated, including the range and names of the respondents.

Lastly, I am appalled that a Lewiston detective contacted a private citizen to question the person after a Facebook post regarding these city matters was removed, wanting to know why it was removed. The detective’s action can only be seen as intimidation and was reported to police administration, with a concern questioning whether the person who created the post was under investigation.

However, this should not be a reflection of the outstanding and dedicated services provided by the Lewiston Police Department, and police have since assured the person who made the post that they were not under investigation.

The city administration must acknowledge its failures if it wishes to move the city forward from its ill-conceived actions.

Gildace Arsenault, Sumner

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