The mass shooting last year in Lewiston has increased the call for removing guns from society.

To the media and liberals, the quickest fix is remove all the guns or at least bar the so-called “assault weapons.” That is what all the government lackeys wish for, and they are dead wrong about it.

As has been pointed out in so many articles in this very newspaper, there were sufficient warnings over and over that this man was troubled. However, little was down to identify the threat and get the poor man treatment. At least a half dozen Army and law enforcement people here in Maine should feel the guilt of the many lives lost by their inaction.

It is obvious that government commissions and legislative groups will point the finger at the weapons rather than the errors of people, who are sworn to protect us. It is so easy to blame the gun rather than people, as they are mute and they don’t vote.

This whole incident was preventable, and some people ought to be having trouble sleeping at night. Some ought to lose their jobs, but it won’t happen, as usual.

So they will blame the gun and move on assuring the public that they have it under control, until the next time. People should wake up and look at the facts; this was a people problem, not a gun problem.

If people don’t see that then it will happen again, sadly.

George A. Fogg, Auburn

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