“Dementia,” according to the Mayo Clinic, includes memory loss, problems finding words and reasoning, trouble with visual and spatial abilities, poor coordination and control of movements, confusion and disorientation, anxiety, agitation, inappropriate behavior and paranoia.

Those who watch Donald Trump’s speeches will see signs of what I think is early dementia. He yells at judges and repeats himself constantly in spite of his teleprompter. He has confused Barack Obama with Joe Biden, warned us about the threat of World War II and called Sept. 11 “711.” He called Apple chief Tim Cook “Tim Apple.” He said, “You have ID to buy a loaf of bread.”

Trump probably refuses to debate rivals because he knows he couldn’t cope with a debate.

He has gotten away with dishonest and immoral behavior his whole life, but now that he’s facing large fines and perhaps serving jail time for his misdeeds, he seems shaken and confused.

His father had dementia.

Just saying.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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