Some say Donald Trump has lost some mental sharpness. This may be true in a few observable ways, but whatever rests upon his shoulders is still clever enough to deploy his multi-faceted formula in helping him regain the presidency.

As a very important scene-setter, his defiant, hostile and alluring personality is perfectly suited for many millions who have long been fed up with traditional politicians.

Another backdrop is his peculiar inability, or lack of desire, to temper his behaviors to the higher, yet normal standards that generally prevail with our populace. Very few of us would dare to purposely and controversially stand out as he repeatedly does.

In any event, his unyielding schemes to again become president boil down to the following:

He speaks and tweets using very brief, simple, repetitious language, full of words having potent meaning.

Widely known, he has avoided debating against other candidates. I think he is afraid of being outclassed by more verbally nimble rivals.

Instead, he holds large gatherings for his followers to adore him in controlled settings.

His infamous, manufactured lies, as expected, keep on coming, as well as threats and invectives to perceived enemies and opponents.

Having earned several indictments, he’s colluding with his defense lawyers in devising delays on upcoming court dates in front of the upcoming November election.

And we thought the former Detroit Lions marvelous running back Barry Sanders might have been the most elusive man on Earth.

Norm Gellatly, Auburn

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