Police departments, sheriff’s offices and other public safety agencies across Maine got creative on social media Sunday to remind Super Bowl fans not to drink and drive.

The Brunswick Police Department’s Facebook post particularly stood out, thanks to some Taylor Swift “Style” paired with the department’s popular police dog Brock.

The Maine Department of Public Safety reminded designated drivers that they’re the quarterback, so they should take that role seriously and “be the night’s MVP!”

Maine State Police and the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety recommended people “have a game plan” when it comes to getting home safely after celebrations. They suggested adding a “sober member to your team.”

The Augusta Police Department took to Facebook to say officers hope the only penalties today are on TV – and to “avoid personal foul” by driving sober.

Not bad.


And Buxton police asked drivers to be team players, noting that the department is teaming up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to remind football fans that Super Bowl parties are one of the highest-attended gatherings among friends and family each year.

York County sheriff’s deputies created a video warning they’ll be patrolling to ensure your safety. It’s OK to celebrate, uniformed officers say, but “if you booze and you cruise, you’ll lose.”

Pretty good.

But like much of the world getting into the Taylor Swift craze – who, of course, will be a star at the big game on Sunday – the Brunswick Police Department’s message borrows some of Swift’s hit songs.

Brunswick’s post was written by the department’s animal control officer, Heather Brown, and edited by social media liaison Rebecca Blier-Carter.

“She’s a big Swiftie,” Blier-Carter said of Brown.


The Brunswick Police Department’s message is titled: “Are you ‘Ready For It?'”

“While everyone’s gearing up for the ‘End Game’ this weekend, K9 Brock is here to remind you to celebrate responsibly with the help of Taylor Swift, of course. An OUI isn’t something you can just ‘Shake Off.’

“If you plan on enjoying an adult beverage, have a game plan before going out. We don’t want you to have a ‘Cruel Summer’ because you had ‘Champagne Problems’ this weekend; when you knew ‘All Too Well’ that you ‘Should’ve Said No’ or hired a ‘Getaway Car.’

“How embarrassing would it be to have to call your parents and say ‘I Did Something Bad’? Members of the Brunswick PD don’t want to be ‘Mean,’ but we should warn you there is a ‘Blank Space’ in the form of a cell for anyone who has a ‘Bad Blood’ alcohol level.

“Enjoy the game, go out in ‘Style,’ and get home ‘Safe and Sound.’

The message came about on Saturday, Blier-Carter said, adding that she thinks it’s a good idea for police departments to come up with catchy ways to remind people not to drive after drinking. When a warning has humor, it sticks more in people’s minds, and the message may be shared and reach a bigger audience, she said.


Brown came to Blier-Carter asking, “Can we please, please, please do something?”

“I told her: ‘Start right in and come up with what you come up with, and we’ll Taylor it,” Blier-Carter said.

For those who don’t like Swift, Blier-Carter decided to include the department’s good-looking police dog with a football in front of a police vehicle. They hoped mixing the important message with a dog, Taylor Swift and football may offer something for everyone to like.

Brown composed the message in only 15 minutes.

“She’s a talented writer. She helps me with wording,” Blier-Carter said. So far, one line that’s been the biggest hit is “there is a ‘Blank Space’ in the form of a cell for anyone who has a ‘Bad Blood’ alcohol level.”

The police department’s message has been well received, Blier-Carter said, adding she’s surprised since there has been some controversy about Taylor Swift and the NFL mixing. But it’s been positive, she said.

“It’s great to see the community come together against drunk driving.”

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