Your cat has decided to take a nap right in the middle of your spread-out newspaper. What can you do, other than find something else to read? And when that cat chooses the very center of your bed to hunker down, brother, you better find a way to get comfortable sleeping at a diagonal.

Cats are fickle, temperamental, stubborn, impulsive and finicky and they are not interested in the least in compromising with us. So why do we do so much for them? Why do we build them elaborate towers wrapped in thick carpeting? Why do we buy them expensive foods and spend half our time plucking their poop out of a box?

If your cat walks all over you and yet you love him/her anyway, we’d like to hear all about the hows and whys. If you have photographic evidence of your cat catering ways, we’ll take those, too. Send your cat tales to Mark LaFlamme at or call 200-1481.

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