The Franklin County Cooperative Extension Homemakers and the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area show off some of the pajama bottoms that are being donated to Janet’s Jammies on Monday, Feb. 12. From left to right, Cheri Klinker, Lois King, Nicole Ernest, Mary Kalel, Kendra Baker, Beryl Flagg, Barbara Lambert, and Amy Palmer.  Brian Ponce/Franklin Journal

FARMINGTON — The Franklin County Cooperative Extension Homemakers donated 100 pairs of homemade pajama bottoms to Janet’s Jammies, a program dedicated to Janet Louise Ladd Brzozowski who tragically passed after a failed heart transplant in 2020.

Lisa Fishman, state coordinator for the UMaine Cooperative Extension Homemakers, shared with The Franklin Journal that from the eight counties that have members of the extension homemakers in them, they managed to put together 220 handmade pairs of pajamas for Janet’s Jammies.

Fishman added the extension homemakers in Franklin County were responsible for 100 pairs on their own.

United Way of the Tri-Valley Area Executive Director Kendra Baker and Director of Marketing and Communications Nichole Ernest were present to accept the donation on behalf of Janet’s Jammies.

Janet’s Jammies was founded after the tragic passing of Brzozowski, who passed on Nov. 30 in 2020 at the age of 58. Brzozowski was known for her love of sewing, with her obituary stating that she spent hours lovingly assembling beautiful shirts, blouses and quilts. Brzozowski battled cancer three times in her life, overcoming Hodgkins Disease as a teenager and two bouts of breast cancer as an adult.

The extension homemakers in Franklin County had donated 160 pairs of pajama bottoms to Janet’s Jammies the previous year, with Fishman stating they had received approximately 260 pairs last year.

For more information about Janet’s Jammies visit the website at

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