The headline on a letter from Glenn Chateauvert, published Feb. 20, says Joe Biden deserves as much scrutiny as Donald Trump. Fair enough.

Did Biden slam Russian President Vladimir Putin for ordering what amounted to the execution of dissident Alexei Navalny? Yes. Did Trump even utter the genocidal strongman’s name when asked about the assassination? No. Why offend someone you admire?

Did Biden ever ask if it’s time to “terminate” the Constitution? No.

Did Biden ever ask if American authorities could shoot protesters and illegal immigrants in the legs? No.

Has a jury ever found Biden liable in the sexual abuse of a woman in a department store dressing room? No.

Has Biden ever threatened to leave NATO and let Russia attack Western Europe? No.


Did Biden go soft on illegal immigration in a bipartisan compromise? No. Did Trump tell supine Republican legislators to vote it down so that he could attack Biden on the immigration issue this fall? Yes.

Has Biden made addressing climate change a priority? Yes. Did President Trump, reacting to a multi-agency report warning about a baking planet, say, “I don’t believe it”? Yes. 

Is Biden a decent human being? Yes. Did Trump mock Paul Pelosi for being attacked with a hammer by a Trump-deranged man looking for Nancy Pelosi? Did he make fun of John McCain, who was tortured in Vietnam, for being unable to raise his arm above his shoulder? Yes. Did he mimic Biden’s childhood stutter? Yes.

Just saying.

Dave Griffiths, Mechanic Falls

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