I’m writing about a massive issue that would affect almost every Mainer.

There’s a proposal to mandate that almost every vehicle sold in Maine be electric in the coming years. That’s obviously ridiculous.

Thankfully, Austin Theriault (a state representative and congressional candidate) is fighting tooth and nail against this scheme. He knows it would hurt Mainers — electric vehicles are more expensive than gas vehicles, and who can afford to buy a new car right now, anyway?

GOP Rep. Mike Soboleski voted to support three nominees to the Board of Environmental Protection who want to pass this electric vehicle mandate. He could have voted against these progressives, but he didn’t. He looked at their record of supporting a statewide policy that would force us to buy electric cars and, despite that, he voted for them.

As far as I’m concerned, Soboleski supports this plan. Why else would someone vote for people who will make it pass?

Michael Green, West Paris

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