Animal testing should be illegal.

Animals that go through testing are commonly force-fed and deprived of necessities. They are also forced to suffer from burns to study healing. Over 5% of the animals that are being tested on are protected by the Animal Welfare Act. Ninety-five percent of animals used for testing are not protected from harm or mistreatment.

Most experiments involving animals are flawed and waste the lives of the animal subjects. Mice and primates share 98% and higher DNA with humans. They share so much DNA with humans, that they are good candidates for testing new drugs on them. So why put them through it?

Another way to test is with bioprinting human tissue. This can yield organs like liver and human skin to test the toxins of different drugs. Humans can also volunteer and consent to be tested by trying out new vaccines. The Environmental Protection Agency is so confident in these new and improved resources that it intends to diminish chemical testing on mammals by 30% by 2025 and end it altogether by 2035.

Altogether, animal testing is a cruel and inhumane thing to continue to do. If we have the resources to stop animal testing, we should be done with it.

A good way to help stop animal testing would be to stop purchasing products from brands that do test on animals.

Annabelle Fee, Spruce Mountain High School, Jay, class of 2024

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