To the Editor:
I attended the town meeting concerning the subject on 5 March.

My summarized comments:

•  What would make you more comfortable walking, biking, and accessing business along Maine Street?
Serious enforcement of the 25-mph speed limit.

Please share your thoughts regarding the following potential changes.

•  Gateway treatments to slow vehicles down as they approach Maine Street.
– Some people will not slow down for anything, except maybe flashing blue lights.

•  Converting angled parking to parallel parking on Main Street.
– In general, this is a good idea. Making Pikes Hill from Main Street to the doctor’s offices one way is not.


•  Adding Curb Extensions and/or Raised Crosswalks
– Not worth the cost, if the speed limit is enforced. Plus, they create a real problem for snow removal.

•   Options presented for the intersection of Paris and Main Streets
– The options are well planned. However, a left turn should not be allowed from Paris Street.

– A bike path along the southern edge of the lake, coming from town, is an excellent idea.

– Consider making the speed limit 35 or 40 all the way from Greenwood Road to the 25 limit in town.

Additional lighting is not required. If anything, the current streetlights need to be shielded so all the light is directed down to the street.

The town from Pleasant Street to the Library is a quaint historic district. My impression is that some of the changes would make it a “cutesy” historic district. I prefer quaint.

Tom Hoffelder


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