You have published a few articles from 2022 regarding the rising costs of insulin and price caps, with the help of Sen. Susan Collins, for United States citizens. I am writing you with a focus on Mainers and our need for insulin, as we are no different than the rest of the country’s struggle on this issue.

L.D. 1793 — Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services to Contract for Discounted Insulin Manufactured and Distributed by Civica Rx — is a bill meant to purchase insulin at discounted prices to be able to lower the costs for Maine’s citizens.

Congress has passed a bill to limit out-of-pocket costs for Medicare patients to be $35 per month for insulin previously. But what about those who do not have access to Medicare? It is estimated that only 22.96% of people in Maine in 2021 were covered by state/federal/local governmental insurance.

L.D. 1793 was voted Ought Not to Pass as of March 20, but that does not mean we should give up on the pursuit of fair-priced lifesaving medications such as insulin. Approximately 10% of Maine’s adult population is impacted by diabetes. That is around 116,500 people, not including children.

Having diabetes can be a debilitating disease, and to have those go without the medications they need is inhuman. We must continue to advocate for the citizens of Maine (and all of the U.S.) on fair-priced insulin costs for everyone. Current policy leaves out large portions of people.

Lets fight the fight.

Brook James, UMaine Master of Social Work student, Lewiston

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