There are a number of bills in the Legislature concerning gun safety. It appears that there is no or very little support from Republicans, with the exception of anything to do with mental illness.

Sen. Trey Stewart said a couple of weeks ago that now is not the right point in time for the proposed bills. I would like a news outlet to ask him when would be the right point in time? Would the “right point in time” be after another tragedy, or perhaps after one or more of their loved ones is harmed in a mass shooting?

I wonder, had Robert Card’s weapons been taken away without following the steps in the yellow flag law, if there would have been an outcry because the steps in the law were not followed and his rights were violated? Perhaps if there were a red flag law this tragedy would not have happened.

I do not see anything in the proposed legislation that would prevent gun ownership. There would be a slight delay in purchasing one. There is no reason for owning a weapon that is intended to be used by the military for killing as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

Nothing in the proposed legislation will create a gun registry. Only those who are a danger to themselves or others may have their weapons confiscated.

The majority of the people want these laws. Legislators should listen to us and pass these bills.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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