In Maine the Democrats hold the House, Senate and Blaine House, causing many problems.

Democrats aim to make Maine a sanctuary state to bring in more undocumented immigrants, spending millions of taxpayers’ money on them while most Maine citizens are fighting just to get by.

They want to make this a sanctuary state for transgender care, which I believe is immoral.

They want to take away people’s say in how this country is run. They want to eliminate the Electoral College, which gives every state a say in elections, and just go by the popular vote. Which means states like California, New York, Texas and Florida have all the say and small states like Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming have none.

That’s not good for Maine. We need to vote conservatives like Rep. Laurel Libby to change back to the state we should be.

Donald Dubuc, Minot

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