Franklin County Animal Shelter is located at 550 Industry Road in Farmington. The shelter’s lobby, kitten, and available adult cat rooms are open to the public Monday to Saturday, Noon to 4 p.m., and they are performing dog adoptions by appointment. Please call us at 207-778-2638 during our office hours to schedule. We’d love to help you find the purrrfect furry friend to add to your family!


Heffley is a six month to one year old male hound mix. His nicknames are Heffalump, and Heifer. Meet Heffley! He is an adorable young hound who is currently growing into his gigantic paws! He is an excitable pup who is great with other dogs, cats, and people. He barks quite loud, but he is a super gentle, sweet boy. He does really well in his kennel, and he does not have any issues being in one. Since he is a hound, we recommend keeping him leashed in case he decides to follow the smelliest trail he can find!


Jezebel is a female one year old dilute calico, with the nicknames of Pretty Lady, and Mother. Meet Jezebel! She is a young dilute lady who loves to be in places she is not supposed to be. She will never be found in our adult cat room, as she loves to scurry out of there into our 2nd cat room to flirt with all of the male cats in there. She is especially fond of the boys, and she does not care for females. She is a bit of an escape artist, and she loves to run inside closets when you close them. So, if you can’t find her, always check the closet first!

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