For Brunswick business owner Laura Marston, the solar eclipse that captivated many across the Midcoast sparked a big question — what to do with all these eclipse glasses?

In an effort to reduce waste, Marston, owner of sustainable product refill shop GoGo Refill, is collecting used eclipse glasses to send to Astronomers Without Borders and Eclipse Glasses USA. Those organizations will distribute glasses that are in good shape to places where the next eclipse is expected. 

“We just look for opportunities for any event or holiday to connect with our mission,” Marston said. “[The eclipse] is no different.”

GoGo Refill posted about the glasses collection on Instagram on Monday, garnering what the owner described as a huge response — the post received over 800 likes. An hour after opening on Tuesday, the business already had a dozen glasses donated.

Given the strict criteria for donating used eclipse glasses, Marston noted that proper drop-off is key for keeping the glasses reusable. Glasses cannot have holes or damage to the lenses to avoid risk for people who might use them in the future.

To donate, Marston said, customers should drop glasses in donation boxes at any GoGo Refill location between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. (or 4 p.m. on weekends) through April 14.

Marston added that those who cannot easily drop off glasses at GoGo Refill or are collecting a large amount to donate can reach out to directly to AWB and Eclipse Glasses USA for shipping instructions. Both organizations are currently running campaigns to donate to the solar eclipse on Oct. 2 in South America.

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