I feel the letter published April 11 from Mark Wood regarding Central Maine Power’s tree trimming program is wrong.

After reading this letter I drove down Route 202 from Leeds to Lewiston. First, I saw a healthy pine tree 20 inches in diameter, 30 feet from the road, that had fallen two storms ago, shutting down the road. According to what I read, CMP should have taken down eight other trees in a row there. Hmm.

Over the course of the next 15 miles I saw six to eight other spots where trees more than 30 feet from the power lines had fallen, with the same effect of hitting the power lines.

Driving home along River Road in Greene, I saw another bunch of trees 20 to 30 feet from the road leaning, ready to fall on the lines.

Maybe it’s time for homeowners to be held responsible when their trees fall into the road, due to bad tree management of their properties. People should stop blaming CMP, which we thought did another outstanding job getting “all” their power lines back in service on a timely schedule, after another “major” spring storm.

My thanks to all the line workers, tree trimmers and road crews who had to be out in this weather, while my family stayed inside — yes, without power, but safe, dry and warm.

Duane Dumont, Leeds

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