NORWAY – Across the nation, organizations are taking steps to reduce their negative impacts on the environment – this is no different at Norway Savings Bank. Moving to a paperless workplace and using more solar energy are two major initiatives at the Bank.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, Norway Savings received an Environmental Recycling Activity Report, from its recycling partner, Secure RMS. The report confirms that a 14-year paperless initiative and recycling effort is making a significant environmental and economic impact. The report recognized Norway Savings Bank as an environmentally responsible business that has collected and processed nearly half a million pounds of paper for recycling since 2010.

The report outlined the savings for 2023 are equivalent to:

• 252.9 trees
• 104,128.5 gallons of water
• 83,897 kilowatts of energy
• 14.9 tons of carbon emissions

“Our commitment to being a valuable part of the communities we serve means we are also dedicated to serving as leaders in facilitating sustainability solutions from renewable energy to preservation and conservation,” said Dan Walsh, President and CEO of Norway Savings Bank. “We appreciate that the long-term health of our local and global economies is intertwined with environmental stability and progress.”

Norway Savings Bank’s initiatives also focus on better utilization of technology, which helps to reduce the automotive courier service for branch check pickups, increasing the use of electronic forms and record storage, as well as diligent recycling efforts throughout the bank. In addition, the bank has adopted the use of geothermal technology and other energy-efficient HVAC systems in branch construction and renovation projects to reduce its consumption of fossil fuels.

NSB has also promoted electronic banking with new and existing customers as a way in which they can assist the bank in its efforts to reduce the amount of paper it uses, and has donated over 250 computers, laptops, and monitors to benefit Mainers without access to computers as part of its eWaste initiative.

“We recognize that our efforts alone will not be enough to address these complex issues, but we believe that by making sustainability and conservation serious priorities at Norway Savings, we can encourage our team members, customers, and other organizations to do the same and achieve greater impact,” said Walsh. “I’m proud of the positive strides we’ve made and look forward to continuing and growing these efforts in the years to come.”

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