Deanna Hamblin casts her ballot Tuesday afternoon, April 23, during the town meeting referendum vote held at Livermore Community Center. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

LIVERMORE — Representatives to Regional School Unit 73 were not chosen, two selectpersons retained their seats, and all warrant articles passed on Tuesday, April 23, during annual town meeting referendum voting.

Carrie Judd (administrative assistant to the Select Board) wasn’t made aware to create the ballot for the elections, thought it would be with the school budget vote, Town Clerk Amanda Tyler said Thursday morning.

Current director Andrew Sylvester turned in nomination papers, Judd said later. There will be a ballot for his seat at the June 11 primary election, she noted.

Selectpersons may appoint Holly Morris to represent Livermore for one year at their May 7 meeting, Judd stated. Morris did not take out nomination papers [for the two-year position she had been serving] because she said she wasn’t happy with what was going on, Judd noted.

Morris was expected to make a decision soon about serving another year on the school board; if she agrees, the selectpersons will vote at their next meeting, Judd said.

In other elections Selectperson Brett Deyling received 114 votes to retain a three-year term and Selectperson Jeremy Emerson tallied 117 votes for a two-year term. They were unopposed.


All warrant articles for the annual town meeting by referendum vote also passed. Tyler said there are 1,986 registered voters in Livermore, 147 voted.

Approving the order of discontinuance of Wyman Road passed 111 to 33. Selectpersons first suggested stopping winter maintenance for the road in September 2022. Christopher and Addie McHugh are the only residents on the road. That October the board voted to continue the process of discontinuing the road, after which a year had to pass before further action could be taken.

That November, selectpersons voted to snow blow the road. In February 2023, Androscoggin County commissioners determined the road must be plowed.

In July 2023, selectpersons reviewed a recently completed survey that showed the deeded roadway for Wyman Road is in a different alignment than planned.

“Once we had the survey done, we were in the right,” Selectperson Scott Richmond said previously.

Spending up to $75,000 to purchase a used backhoe for the highway department was approved 102 to 41. The $465,000 for capital road improvements was favored 120-24.

Also approved was $5,000 for the area summer recreation program held in Livermore Falls. The vote was 107 to 35.

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