While Dan Campbell has been coaching students and volunteering to aid the homeless, his opponent in the race for the Maine House, Rep. Laurel Libby, was hard at work to lower taxes for the wealthy.

She sponsored a bill to decrease the amount of income taxes on capital gains by an inflation factor. Capital gains taxes aren’t a major concern for poor people.

Two other of her sponsored bills sought to eliminate sales and income taxes for people dealing in gold and silver. Again, precious-metals trade is not exactly a lower-and-middle-income business.

Another of her help-the-rich proposals would’ve allowed families with minor children to deduct the amount of excise tax paid for a motor vehicle on their state income taxes. The difference between excise taxes on a new Cadillac verses a used beater can be huge — the wealthy benefit again.

Each of her regressive bills were defeated; there’s a pattern.

Tim McCloskey, Minot

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