CANTON — Regional School Unit 56 Director Carl Lueders and newcomer Thomas Peters are seeking a three-year term on the board in the June 11 town elections.

Both residents answered questions on why they want to serve, what they see as important issues and their community service.

Carl Lueders Submitted photo

Carl Lueders

Why are you seeking another term?

I want to give back to a community and school system that has made positive impacts on my family. I have no personal agenda and strive to bring a commonsense approach to the relationship between students’ education and well-being, community members’ financial obligations to the district and employees’ needs and quality of life.

What are important issues facing the district and what do you hope to accomplish?


Keeping the school district staffed with enough individuals to operate at full capacity is a constant challenge. Be it administrators, teachers, nutrition workers, bus drivers, maintenance personnel, ed techs, secretaries, technology specialists and mechanics. It’s hard enough just to fill those positions in today’s economy but we have to do it within budget constraints as the cost of nearly all goods and services has increased astronomically in recent years while we try to offer all our students as many academic and extracurricular activities as possible.

Another present issue is the construction and implementation of a new bus facility, as well as single-use bathrooms to respectfully keep up with society’s present gender issues. Other issues are costs incurred keeping up with the upgrades on the hardware, software, licensing and training of districtwide communications for remote learning, security in lockdown situations, bus driver contact in non-service areas and the networking of all school facilities as well as the financial accounting process.

What is your experience with community organizations?

I have been on the RSU 56 board for two, three-year terms and previously served on the former SAD 21 (board) for a three-year term before the statewide consolidation push after the millennium. I hope I have had some positive contributions through my involvement in the finance committee, which I presently chair and my active participation in the building and grounds committee, as well as being the vice chairman of the school board.

How long have you lived in Canton?

My wife, Jane, and I moved to Canton 33 years ago to manage Maxwell Seed Farms and stayed on to run it for Crane Brothers farms, growing and processing potatoes and grain. I have three grown children all educated in RSU  56 and its predecessors.



Thomas Peters Submitted photo

Thomas Peters

Why are you seeking a seat on the board?

I am seeking the position because I want to help the kids and young adults that are a critical part of our community. We need to find ways to save taxpayers’ dollars without affecting the teachings and experiences that our kids receive in and out of the classroom. I want to ask questions to get a better understanding of how the system works and come up with ways to make it better.

What are some important issues facing the district and what do you hope to accomplish?

Everyone is going to have an opinion as to what the issues are with the district. It would be my job to listen to the concerns and collectively prioritize what has the least impact and disruption to the students’ education and other school-based activities.


What is your experience with community organizations?

I am currently the chairman of the Planning Board for the town of Canton and have been a member of this board for about five years. With this position, we have created town ordinances, granted commercial permits, conducted public hearings and have been working on the comprehensive plan for the town.

How long have you lived in Canton?

My wife, Erin, and I moved to Canton in June of 2005. We moved here because it was centrally located to our work and family, and most importantly we wanted to live in a small town. I am 44 and am the RV service manager at SR1 Companies (Scott’s Recreation). I have been with SR1 Companies for almost six years. We have two children who both attend Dirigo Elementary School. My family and I are avid winter sports people, and when the snow flies, we hit the slopes. In the other months, we enjoy camping, swimming and other outdoor activities.

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