Franklin County Animal Shelter is located at 550 Industry Road in Farmington. The shelter’s lobby, kitten, and available adult cat rooms are open to the public Monday to Saturday, Noon to 4 p.m., and they are performing dog adoptions by appointment. Please call us at 207-778-2638 during our office hours to schedule. We’d love to help you find the purrrfect furry friend to add to your family.

Skye – Female is a 10 year old Pitbull mix with nicknames of Little Bird, and Beanie Baby. Her energy level is medium-low.

Her sociability toward people is sweet like maple syrup, but other dogs and cats are not recommended. Meet Skye. She is an active older lady who loves to bounce and to capture hearts. She needs to be the only pet of the home, as she does not get along well with other dogs or cats.

However, she is an absolute love bug when it comes to people, and we think she would do well with young children. She loves to go on walks, but just know if you are not walking fast enough, she will lay down and ask to be picked up. This little lass needs to go to a vet-approved home because her hypothyroidism requires regular veterinary monitoring and proper medication.

With these, she is very active and healthy. Come and meet this sweet gal who is ready to be the love of your life. Skye likes being held like a baby, and snacks, but dislikes other pets and not being picked up.


Tater Tot is a female brown and white tabby who is one year old. Her nicknames are Potato, and Tater Snot.

Her energy level is medium and around people she is shy but sweet. Tater Tot is flirty and very sociable around other cats. It is unknown if she likes or tolerates dogs. Meet Tater Tot. This flirty little lady loves to tease. She is extremely cat-social and needs to go to a home with other cats.

She may do well with dogs if they are cat-savvy and leave her to do her own thing. She gets a bit scared around new people, so she likes to stay up high in a place of refuge. She likes to stare at people from the catwalk; however, she will probably run away if you move towards her. This little lass may be a bit aloof, but she sure is cute. She likes the catwalk, sleeping, and other cats, but dislikes being approached.

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