FARMINGTON — The Franklin County Budget Advisory Committee voted 5-2 Monday to reject the county commissioners’ slightly higher budget for 2024-25.

The committee’s $10.6 million proposal, which is $100,000 less than the commission’s, remains in tact.

Commissioners added $100,000 after the committee finalized its proposal in April because it was discovered the federal Department of Labor raised the the minimum wage and overtime rule that goes into effect Jan. 1, 2025. It will affect certain exempt salaried workers who make up to $43,888. Starting the next year, that threshold increases to $58,656.

County Administrator Amy Bernard informed commissioners of the change May 7 after she learned about it in late April or early May.

The majority of the committee set a budget of about $10.6 million without the $100,000 because they were unaware of the change when they voted in late April for the the jail and county government spending packages.

The committee budget is $1.2 million more than the current budget and will go into effect July 1.


Of the $10.6 million, $7.4 million is for county government and nearly $3.2 million is for the jail. After factoring revenues, the total is nearly $6.2 million for county government and nearly $2.9 for the jail.

Commissioners will need to decide if they want to raise the $100,000 through overlay or make adjustments Tuesday when they set the tax rate for 2024-25.

The differences between the committee and commissioners’ spending plans include the 4% cost-of-living increase for nonunion employees the committee approved and the commissioners’ proposed a 3% cost-of-living raise.

The other difference is the committee added three months to make it six months for cross-training of a new employee when a deputy register of probate announces when she will retire.

Commissioners added three months for cross-training. However, commissioners have the sole authority to give raises and to pay for someone to work more than they had approved.

Voting against the commissioners’ budget were Dennis O’Neil of Farmington, Gary McGrane of Jay, Chairwoman Tiffany Maiuri of Wilton,  Morgan Dunham of Kingfield and Janet White of Phillips.

Dean Collins of Temple and Rupert Pratt of Strong voted for the commissioners’ proposal.

John Archer of Chesterville and Tom Goding of Jay were absent.

All budget committee members are selectmen in their towns.

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