(l-r) Vice-Regent Savannah Sessions, Honorary Chapter Regents Susan Smith and Polly Bartow, Maine State Regent Elizabeth Watson Calhoun

AREA — At the June meeting of the Molly Ockett Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Chapter Honorary Regents and sisters Susan Smith and Polly Bartow were honored for their 40 years of membership in the DAR. Elizabeth Watson Calhoun, the Maine State Regent, was on hand and expressed her appreciation for “all of your contributions to DAR” through the years.

Susan’s contributions to Maine State DAR and the Molly Ockett Chapter are notable, including serving as Maine State Treasurer and Molly Ockett Chapter Regent, Treasurer, and Librarian. Likewise, Polly also has served in many capacities during her membership, including at the National level as Librarian General and National Vice Chair of DAR Leadership Training Orientation, at the Maine State level as State Chair of DAR Good Citizens, and America 250!, and in the Molly Ockett Chapter as Chapter Regent, Registrar, and First Vice Regent, to name only a few.

Both were organizing members of the current Molly Ockett Chapter, NSDAR.

Polly and Susan shared their stories of joining DAR. Their father told them repeatedly that they could join DAR, if they wanted, as one of their ancestors, James Tarbell, Sr was a minuteman. The two shared how proud he was that Tarbell was his direct paternal ancestor. As luck would have it, a neighbor was a member of Molly Ockett Chapter, and the rest is history with their membership being approved on June 8, 1984, 40 years to the day of the chapter’s June meeting.

Susan remarked that during her membership she has developed “lifelong friendships and opportunities to serve her community”; Polly affirmed Susan’s statement and echoed that she has developed “lifelong friendships with some lovely ladies.” The Molly Ockett Chapter, NSDAR, thanks both Polly and Susan for their friendship and service to the chapter.

Since its founding in 1890, nearly one million women have joined DAR, both nationally and around the world. Membership in NSDAR is open to any woman aged 18 and over who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution. Molly Ockett, NSDAR is a vibrant service organization that meets in Bridgton, serving the entire Lakes Region and Oxford County.

For more information about the women of Today’s DAR,  its programs, or how to become a member, visit www.dar.org or contact us at lakeregiondar@gmail.com.

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