PARIS — Police Chief Michael Dailey has resigned, effective July 1, after nearly two months on administrative leave following a May 6 incident in which 11 officers shot at a suspect accused of stealing two police vehicles.

Michael Dailey, former police chief of Paris, addresses voters at the annual town meeting in June 2023 on the need for updated laptops in police cruisers. Vanessa Paolella/Sun Journal file

According to his separation agreement, the town will pay him eight weeks of wages totaling $11,033.60, as well as accrued and unused vacation time valued at $9,654.40, for a total $20,688.

Dailey was placed on administrative leave while an investigation was conducted into the incident. However, he submitted his resignation before it was completed.

Dailey could not be reached for comment.

At a July 1 special meeting of the Select Board, Town Manager Natalie Andrews mentioned the current “restructuring” of the Police Department, noting that with Dailey’s resignation, the chief’s job would be posted and candidates interviewed.

Detective Alan Coffin, because he discharged a weapon during the shootout, was automatically placed on leave, as is standard practice recommended by the Office of the Maine Attorney General anytime an officer discharges a weapon or uses potentially “deadly force.” He returned to work after officials determined he followed department policy and procedure correctly, according to Andrews.


Coffin is serving as interim chief.

Danna Hayes of the Attorney General’s Office said Tuesday that there is no update on the office’s investigation into the May 6 incident. The final report will be posted to the office’s website when it is completed, she said.

According to the initial news release from the Maine Department of Public Safety detailing the May 6 incident, “the Office of the Attorney General will investigate the law enforcement use of force and Maine State Police Major Crimes South will complete a criminal investigation.”

The man at the center of the shootout, Gary Porter, 37, no known address, is being held without bail at the York County Jail in Alfred, charged with six felonies stemming from the reported theft of two police vehicles and the shootout with nearly a dozen law enforcement officers.

Porter was arrested May 6 on a warrant charging a bail violation on an underlying theft charge after being found asleep in a chicken coop. He was taken to Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway due to concerns about his health unrelated to the arrest, according to the news release.

While Dailey was attempting to remove Porter from a Paris police pickup truck at the Oxford County Jail in Paris for booking, Porter commandeered the truck while handcuffed and wearing a hospital gown.


“Porter was able to slip his cuffs from the back to the front and move to the driver’s seat and steal the Paris Police cruiser,” the release said.

Dailey was “thrown from the moving vehicle” while attempting to stop the truck.

After a police pursuit, Porter crashed the truck on Route 117 in Paris. He then stole a second law enforcement vehicle after exchanging gunfire with law enforcement, and was arrested after crashing it, according to the report.

“Porter was struck but fled and stole an Oxford County Sheriff’s police vehicle which he crashed a short distance up the road,” the release said.

Porter is charged with two counts of theft, assault on a police officer, escape, eluding and violation of bail.   

Porter’s attorney, Justin Leary, who accompanied his client during a June court appearance, said a mental evaluation had been ordered to gauge Porter’s competency and to determine whether Porter suffered from an abnormal condition of mind at the time of his alleged criminal conduct.

Porter’s next court date was scheduled for August.

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