Let me congratulate Robert Roy and his view of whites only (Jan. 7). His ancestors must be Native American for him to claim that this land belongs to his kind, for only Native Americans can truly make that claim.

Mr. Roy claims that illegal Mexicans and others are displacing American workers. In what jobs?

Maybe Mr. Roy should spend a day working in the fields of Imperial or San Joaquin Valleys of California where much of our produce is grown. Or perhaps spend just a few hours digging ditches, washing dishes, cleaning other’s filth or many of the other menial, low-paying jobs that these hard-working people take. They contribute far more to our economy and our society than they take.

I am of Mexican descent and my husband is Caucasian. My children are taught about both cultures and I hope that I can instill the hard work ethic of my great grandmother who worked the fields in Colorado while her husband worked in the ice houses.

My children are now fifth generation Americans and my family has contributed much to this country. My mother is in the Who’s Who for Hispanic Educators. My father has been a successful businessman for over 40 years, and all three of my brothers are leaving a legacy for their own children: one a police officer, one a Navy corpsman and the other pursuing higher education.

Mr. Roy should spend his time and energy in building up others rather than tearing them down. Before he is so quick to judge others based on their race, how about walking in their shoes, or even visiting the lands they come from so he can see what challenges they face.

This nation was built by immigrants. That is what makes us the most powerful nation on earth, not our military strength, but our diversity.

Jesus was not a Democrat, Republican or even American. We should take a cue from Him.

Lisa Lopez-Gardner

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