For weeks I had hoped that someone in this city would have the common sense to recognize the true nature of the situation regarding the World Church of the Creator. My patience is gone.

There is no provision within the Constitution that demands the accommodation of those who lack a public forum for their views. The First Amendment enjoins the government to make no laws prohibiting the transmission of ideas. This does not mean that a television station, radio station, newspaper or the taxpaying public is obligated to provide those means. Such would be a violation of the proprietor’s sovereignty — that right which the document as a whole was designed to secure.

To watch as an entire city idly accept that they have no power to defy those who represent the total antithesis of this principle is disturbing. For the public to accept it is sad; for the professional intellects to accept it is treasonous and a default on their responsibilities as guardians of this country’s ideals.

The irony is that this sense of parasitical entitlement to the money, time and work of others is exactly why the Somali migration was ever a legitimate issue. It is also the source of the illegitimate grievances of those most likely to resent the migration on racists grounds: Lewiston’s indigenous parasite class.

That local demagogues have made this occasion an opportunity to publicize their own skewed perspective on the matter should be no surprise. It is these people precisely who have demanded that local distaste for raising the welfare rolls be treated as a race issue. It is they who have demanded that the needs of the have-nots be regarded as a moral claim on the lives of the haves. It is they who have virtually invited these monsters to our door.

If the WCC had a right to speak here at our expense, they would not have had to ask permission. Acceptance of their presence should be regarded as nothing less than an act of complicity.

Michael Braun Jr., Lewiston

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