Your editorial on the closing of the veterans’ offices in five major cities was way off base (Jan. 8)!

Once again the Sun Journal belittles the veterans, the veterans who fought for the right to have representation in the state and federal government. And what do we get? The shaft. Every time!

The editorial states we need online services, but what about those who do not have the technology to go online? What about the veteran who is homeless and needs help? What about the veteran who feels more comfortable talking about his/or her problem one-on-one? You are way off base on this and need to see the veterans’ point of view, not just your one-sided view.

I have many questions about this decision.

Why, after all these years, do we need to close these five offices?

Why these five, which are in major cities of the state?

Who has the audacity to propose this to begin with (it was former Gov. King who, in my opinion, is anti-veteran)?

I think we, as a state, should look at other ways of saving tax money. Hopefully, our new governor will do just that.

When you think of our men and women who died or were wounded in all of the major wars from the Revolutionary War to the present-day war on terrorism, then we can honestly say that we need all of these programs for the veterans no matter what cost. From what I have read it doesn’t cost that much. We should look at cutting costs in other areas.

I have one more comment before I close. Let’s see more veterans coverage in this paper.

Barry Huff, Lewiston

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