The question of Maine legalizing casino gambling is worth considering. Maine’s tax revenue is shrinking, jobs are being lost and quality of life is suffering as a result. We should encourage this legitimate business to locate in Maine.

With some of the state’s largest and better paying employers (Sanmina-SCI in Augusta, paper mills in Millinocket etc.) closing, not only the state but also the respective towns are losing tax revenue. The taxpayers, many of who are former employees of these enterprises and now unemployed, must either pick up these losses or programs are cut. Either way, the private sector suffers.

The elderly, veterans, poor, mentally and physically disabled people as well as others dependent on our social services suffer directly when the economy slumps.

There are some problems associated with casinos but I believe that they can be resolved with relative ease. The benefits are greater than the costs.

Let us not allow this opportunity to slip us by and have a casino locate in New Hampshire instead. Remember, “”The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.””

Kevin “”KK”” Lemay, Lewiston

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