Bia Winter equates the Israelis with Hitler in trying to rid Israel of Palestinians (Feb. 8). She has completely reversed what is presently going on in Israel and the territories.

It is the Israelis who are being overrun by Palestinian terrorists and who are trying to preserve themselves from these terrorists. It is the Israelis whose children in the West Bank and elsewhere need to be protected by armed guards in order to attend school and perhaps to go on a field trip.

The Palestinians, at times of heightened tension, are not allowed in Israel to go to their jobs in order to try and keep out the homicide bombers; but to accuse the Israelis of “systematic extermination” is unbelievable!

Israel has a history of making overtures to the Palestinian people.

A recent plan for peace is the Palestinian-Israeli Security Implementation Plan that was signed by both groups in June of 2001. The Israelis and Palestinians reaffirmed their commitment to the security agreement. Both sides committed to a mutual, comprehensive cease-fire, agreed to provide each other with terrorist threat information and to move aggressively to prevent individuals and groups from carrying out acts of violence. The Palestinians never carried out their commitment and the violence continues, with many terrorist attacks on civilians.

The U.S. government has repeatedly expressed solidarity with Israel in our common struggle against terrorism. We have also reaffirmed our commitment to Israel’s right to self-defense. The state is a model for democracy in the Middle East, while the Middle East is the epicenter of state-sponsored terrorism, weapons proliferation and religious extremism.

The Jewish people once again have to face the terrible lies of hate-filled propaganda. We need to support our friend and ally in the Middle East and work with Israel to protect ourselves against our common threats.

We need to work toward a common peace with all people; one in which our children and our children’s children can live together in peace.

Lynne Walters, Auburn

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