As many people, I have mixed feelings about this war and where it will leave our great nation. But when I read “Falling on our knees” from Jenny Orr I was very disappointed and saddened by her words (March 20). Not only by the words that she wrote, but more so for the words she did not write.

She painted a devastating picture of innocent children in Baghdad, but what about innocent American children? The ones left motherless or fatherless from the terrorist attack on our country on Sept. 11?

Did she forget them? Did she forget their pain and suffering? Did she forget the innocent men and women who left for work, never imagining they wouldn’t be returning to their loved ones? Did she forget the policemen and firemen who lost their lives trying to help others?

Nowhere in her letter did she mention the devastation we faced or feeling of sadness for our fallen civilians who were truly innocent victims of a “monstrous event” waged against Americans.

Are we supposed to just forget the tragedy that invaded our homeland and took the lives of our people? Should we sit back and wait for it to happen again? No.

America and her people were attacked and we need to stand tall for what we believe. We need to fight for the rights and freedoms that many have given their lives for, to protect and prevent such tragedies and future attacks against the United States of America.

Angela Waning, Mechanic Falls

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