Maine lawmakers are passing laws that would make virtually every modification to a car illegal. Even aftermarket wheels will be illegal.

Outlawing aftermarket wheels is ridiculous. They are not a public nuisance, nor do they endanger anyone.

Lawmakers are wasting taxpayers’ money by creating and enforcing useless and largely inconsistent laws.

The state law concerning mufflers and exhausts says that a muffler must not be louder than stock, yet police officers are writing tickets to anyone who modifies their exhaust even if it is not louder than stock. They have no way to prove how loud an exhaust is.

There should be a standard test for this so there is no questioning. The law should not be left to the judgment of individual police officers.

Harley Davidson motorcycles are equipped with exhausts that far surpass the noise emission of the aftermarket exhaust on my vehicle. If legislators are so worried about noisy exhausts, why not make the laws universal? Why not mandate a maximum sound limit that each and every exhaust must adhere to?

Perhaps the Maine government isn’t aware of the negative effects they are creating. It’s a shame that Maine legislators are going to stunt the many benefits that it would bring to our economy.

I personally know of many people who are going to leave Maine for the simple reason that these laws are becoming so strict that they can’t pursue their automotive hobbies or business here.

What a shame.

Kyle D. Herrick, Otisfield

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