On April 27, Peter Frewen, the artistic director of the Maine Music Society in Lewiston, presented a column about the nonprofit groups who have developed a reputation for their contributions to performing arts in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

I was very disturbed when Community Little Theatre was not included on this list.

CLT has been an active member in this community for 63 years and provided entertainment in the area of comedy, drama and musical productions to Lewiston-Auburn and surrounding communities.

The acceptance, recognition and appreciation of this group has been shown in the outstanding increase in tickets sales, for both season tickets and single show tickets.

CLT offers not only a wide range of entertainment for the entire family, but has been an outstanding training ground for many young people who have gone on to success in the professional arena, both on stage and back stage.

CLT also encourages the participation, whenever possible, of children in the community, and offers an annual scholarship with money raised from specific shows throughout the season.

I felt very strongly that this oversight should be noted, as CLT, too, is continually working to maintain its place in the performing arts community by providing outstanding entertainment on a very limited budget and due to its outstanding and talented volunteer base.

The community should include Community Little Theatre on its list when reviewing all the performing arts available in this area

Janet H. Gibson,

season ticket chairman

Community Little Theatre,

Tenants pay

Shame to the Lewiston city officials who are supporting the new trash collection policy requiring landlords with four or more units per dwelling to pay for trash collection. City officials are using landlords as scapegoats to generate more revenues.

This proposal is nothing more than a back door tax, one that was presented knowing full well it would generate the least amount of public controversy. Why? Most residents are probably breathing a collective sigh of relief, grateful that they are not the ones being charged. At least not yet.

This proposal comes down to nothing more than fairness and integrity.

What is the difference between residential trash generated from single family homes or from apartment buildings? Absolutely nothing!

What about other trash producing properties that are exempt from this policy: single family homes, office buildings, tax-exempt entities and the like.

This proposal is filled with far too many inequities and ramifications. Imagine the trash dumping that will result. Wow! Talk about a mess.

The people affected by this proposal are landlords who care about their community. Slumlords won’t care one way or the other.

With a 30 to 60 percent rise in fire insurance premiums, with the rise in water and sewer rates, combined with the trash removal fees, tenants are sure to see rental increases. That’s unfortunate.

Trash collection is the one tangible service that people receive from their tax dollars. Either no one pays, or we all pay. It’s only fair.

Mike Bernier, Lewiston
Scot free

I think it’s great that someone finally spoke up about our justice system. I have to agree with the letter “No excuses,” (April 25).

Child killers and molesters really get off scot free. They may get between six months and five years. Big deal!

The children either have lost their lives or end up with physical and mental problems forever. Those children are scared for life.

Then our nice justice system gives child abusers a slap on the hand so they can go out and do it again.

Who’s protecting our children?

It sure isn’t the justice system.

Debby Cornish, Auburn

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