I was amused to read Ms. Bia Winter’s letter in which she bemoans that we are living in a B rated movie (May 22).

Scene 1: The military’s allegiance to the commander in chief comes with the office, but not their respect. A president who shows them a little gets a lot in return. Theatrics? Perhaps, but it’s better than Mike Dukakis in a tank.

Scene 2: I agree that no one should have gone looking for the missing Texas legislators. Better they had stayed lost if their idea of a protest is a juvenile stunt like that. Theatrics? When Democrats gerrymander, they call it leadership.

Scene 3: I also agree that the tax cut is obscene. But so is the entire federal tax code and the mindset that believes tinkering with it will solve everything. Which leads neatly to the final act.

Scene 4: Congress cannot give something to one group without taking equal value from others. In fact, it has to take far more than equal value to account for the incredible waste in the system. The federal government does not create wealth, it just redistributes it.

The ultimate theatrical accomplishment is fooling a lot of the people a lot of the time into believing that we’re getting something for nothing.

It may be a B movie, but it’s quite an improvement over the X-rated one we had to endure for eight years.

Michael LeBlanc, East Wilton

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