Forget the mass of idiots in our society who neither read nor care to know about what is happening in America. Since most of them don’t vote either, they really don’t count for much.

But for those who do read and care about what is happening to this country, I hope they understand that our freedoms are slowly being eroded.

Our federal government has manipulated our minds in a way that has similarities to what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

The newest Washington power mongers first created an Afghani scapegoat to hate by the name of bin Laden. When he wore thin, they created an Iraqi scapegoat to hate by the name of Saddam Hussein.

And then they created the 2001 Patriot Act to deal with our fear of terrorism and then comforted us by the creation of the Homeland Security Act. The first act mentioned takes away our freedoms and the second one provides little else except a false security in the minds of the people. It does, however, provide security for the government folks who wish to control us and the rest of the world.

My message to all who do read and care about our nation, please don’t duplicate the mistake of the German people.

I premise this plea on the hope that Americans will still have the right to vote for a president in 2005.

Bill Randall, Winthrop

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