Once again I find myself appalled and saddened at the gleeful witness to violence displayed in the coverage of soldiers returning from war.

Christopher Grant, as you report, “proud to serve,” poses in front of his war booty, effusing about his hunger for death (June 12). “All riiiiiiiight! We killed people. We did our job,” he retells.

He is portrayed as almost disappointed at the lack of corpses: “He was ready to see more.”

Such a story gives me great pause while surrounded by miles of yellow ribbon and a wave of public sentiment urging me to support our troops.

I am thankful that Christopher Grant is home alive. I am sickened that he has been raised and supported in a military culture that glorifies and takes pride and pleasure in the taking of human life.

There are clearly larger “missions” out there to be “accomplished” in the name of a lasting peace.

Kirk D. Read, Auburn

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