Well, the L/A Wellness Weekend has passed. I must say, I enjoyed volunteering to help during this event.

The bike race on June 7 was an interesting sight to see. I had the opportunity to help at one of the intersections.

Unfortunately, a race like this causes some traffic problems and some people were inconvenienced by having to use alternate routes to get to Auburn.

You know who caused the most problems and who complained the most? People with handicapped plates.

Here they are with plates that say, “please give me extra consideration because I am in physical need.” However, some of those drivers complained at us, swore at us, and threatened to run us over.

They showed absolutely no consideration for the safety of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters who were part of the race. They were more concerned about getting to their destination than for the safety of people who were participating in the race.

One day, out of the entire year, these drivers had to go a different way or wait a few minutes longer to get to their destinations.

I guess the abbreviation for Maine really says it all: the ME state.

Richard D. Johnson, Minot

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