BETHEL – Fred Bailey of Andover posted the fastest men’s time Saturday at the 5-mile distance in the Mollyockett Day Classic, winning the race with a time of 28 minutes and 30 seconds.

Anna Willard of Greenwood posted the fastest women’s time with 32:46.

Ninety-seven runners participated in the 5-mile race.

Joe Reynolds of Bryant Pond was second among the men at 28:53. Scott Cormier of Salem finished third with a time of 31:09. Bailey, Reynolds and Cormier all competed in the men’s 15-19 age group.

Top three competitors in the other age groups (not all groups had three competitors):

12-14 male – Lance Brown, Bethel, 37:54.

12-14 female – Brianne Bailey, Andover, 40:32.

15-19 female – Willard; Brooke Anderson, Denmark, 48:29.

20-29 male – Jason Hewitt, Springfield, Mass., 33:34; Jackson White, Lewiston, 35:16; Travis Moak, Hull, Ga., 35:40.

20-29 female – Natalie Duptill, Peru, 42:48; Sarah Brown, Portland, 44:45; Nicole Turncliff, Bethel, 44:53.

30-39 male – Peter Southam, Bethel, 34:06; Brad Clarke, Bethel, 34:15; Daren Brown, Madison, N.H., 34:38.

30-39 female – Paula Lunt, Harbor, 39:13; Sarah Southam, Bethel, 39:26; Brie Weisman, Rumford, 41:02.

40-49 male – Kirk Siegel, Bethel, 32:09; Tom Menendez, Lewiston, 32:43; Paul Morphy, Bridgton, 33:17.

40-49 female – Michelle, Ruscito, Wilmington, Mass., 42:27; Diana McTeague-Dambrie, Jackson, N.H., 42:42; Kate Kelly, Bethel, 44:57.

50-59 male – Nick Kanaracus, Waterford, 34:24; Ted McKnight, Jericho, Vt., 38:12; Tony Chapman, Greenwood, 38:14.

50-59 female – Jo-Ann Lightbody, Wrentham, Mass., 44:30;

60-plus male – John Howe, Waterford, 42:03; John McCall, Kingfield, 42:05; John Applin, West Bethel, 43:14.

60-plus female – Mamie McCall, Kingfield, 72:15.

The 1-mile race was won by Sean Taber of Kingston, Mass., in a time of 5:35, leading a field of 60. Rosemary Good of Jackson, N.H., won the 3-mile walk in a time of 22:56.

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