Most of the news media has moved on to the next silly thing, but letter writer Bill Randall (Aug. 6) reminds us one more time about the 16 words. Except there are really 10 words, because he and many others conveniently omit the first six: “The British government has learned that. …” Except it’s more because he and many others insert words that were never there. The outright lie is to claim that the president said “The CIA has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Niger.”

A lie is a statement that you know to be false at the time you make it. President Bush didn’t lie. That’s the end of that, right?

Wow, am I naive. This is just the latest chew toy of the crowd who got upset in late 2000. The rest of us can only hope they will move on to something else. Soon. Please.

Mike LeBlanc, East Wilton

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