Your friend comes over to tell you he finally proposed to his girlfriend. Then he pops the question to you, “I’d like you to be a groomsmen.” Refrain from wrinkling your face in disgust or confusion. Here’s the lowdown on how you’ll help out your buddy:

Pre-wedding activities: You’ll attend the engagement party and rehearsal dinner. You’ll help plan the bachelor party and fend off the bride’s interrogations about the festivities.

Attire: You’ll pay for your own tux. You can rent one but be sure to get it fitted prior to the wedding.

Stress: You’ll keep the groom cool with some pep talks and male outings. Help make his day memorable and stress-free by taking care of anything he needs you to do.

The ceremony: You’ll usher guests to their seats, perhaps. Guests will approach you with questions such as the restroom location. You may escort a bridesmaid down the aisle. And of course, you’ll pose for photos.

The reception: You’ll be be introduced to all the guests, perhaps with the bridesmaid you escorted down the aisle.You’ll dance with the bridesmaids or single female guests.

The getaway car: You’ll decorate the honeymoon getaway car with streamers, soap, shaving cream or plastic soda bottles. Pop a romantic musical mix into the tape player for their enjoyment. And check to make sure the newlyweds’ luggage is stashed in the truck.

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