Dear Sun Spots: Crescent Park School in Bethel greatly appreciates the Sun Spots readers’ assistance with our Campbell’s Labels for Education and the General Mills Boxtops for Education programs.

This year the school has received $908 from the General Mills boxtops and has ordered classroom materials worth $92.50 from the Campbell’s labels. We started the boxtops For Education program in 1996. In seven years we have collected 24,894 boxtops and certificates for a value of $3,240.75 for the Crescent Park School Student Activity Fund.

Our thanks to Marie Witter, Clarice Gibson, Amy Davis and Loretta Holt who spent over 125 volunteer hours cutting and counting labels and boxtops. Thanks to the Telstar Education Association for, once again, paying the postage to mail the labels and boxtops.

It is important to continue collecting boxtops and labels to get a good start on next year’s programs. Thanks again for supporting Crescent Park School. – Diana Witt, Carolin Gould, Bethel.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a Broan bathroom ceiling fan. It’s three years old. I do not have the instructions for cleaning. Can you please give me a phone number or address so I can get the instructions. – Bob in Norway.

Contact Broan at (800) 558-1711. You can also reach them online at

Dear Sun Spots: I’m hoping Sun Spots and/or a reader would know where I could find a Marlboro Cookbook? I’m looking for the one with the red cover in excellent condition. I will pay $10 for a copy. Please call Mike at (207) 784-8988.

In addition to responses from readers you may want to check out Scrooge & Marley Bookstore in Windham. This is a wonderful resource for locating hard to find books. Sun Spots spoke with owners Melissa and Payson Sawyer who say they will be moving to the Pepperall Mill in Lewiston some time soon. An opening date has not yet been set but Sun Spots and her family has visited their Route 302 store and found the Payson’s extremely helpful in finding out of print or other books for our 7-year-old. Books are never over $2 and are in great condition, perfect for a family of voracious readers such as ours.

Melissa Sawyer says she can assist you in ordering this cookbook or other books. There is no charge for this service. What she would need from you is: your name, address, the book inventory number (if you have it), the title of the book, and Visa or MasterCard information ready to go. Sawyer says that busy booksellers receive lots of orders through e-mail but that a quick call gets priority treatment from her. While she does not have the book you’re seeking in her inventory, she has found what she considers a nice copy at Basin Book Trader in Klamath, Ore. The book is $18 and is the lowest price out of 31 copies on the Web. She would be happy to order it for you. Alternatively, you can order it yourself by calling (541) 884-0197. She says they are three hours behind us. You should ask to speak to Louise. The inventory number in this case is 7911. Be sure to also give Louise the title.

Alternatively, you can also try searching They had a red covered one listed for $9.99 called Towns, Trails & Special Times, The Marlboro Country Cookbook, which may or may not be the one you are seeking.

* To H. C. of No Town looking for an address to find Papa Wash: Please contact Sun Spots with more details for assistance in your search.

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