Dear Sun Spots: My eldest daughter will be off to college in another year, and other daughters soon to follow. My question for Sun Spots and readers is about possible businesses that sell “long” sheets. Colleges seem to expect students to provide their own bedding (not so in my day, but then, that was long ago), and information indicates that “long” sheets or “extra long” sheets are what is needed. Where could my wife and I find such? Do readers have places where they have found them? We would like to start assembling necessary “stuff” for the college days now, to spread out the costs of preparation. I assume most upscale department stores would have them in stock or available by order but we are looking for bargains here, what with three daughters entering college in the next four years. Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks. – Cam (and Edy) Churchill, Auburn.

Sun Spots was able to locate extra long sheets at J.C. Penney. They also offer a wider variety of colors in their catalog. You can reach them at (207) 786-2486.

Perhaps other readers may also be aware of some good deals going around, especially as parents such as you are shopping and preparing your children for college dorm life and would be willing to share some with you.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to thank you for your column and am hoping someone somewhere can help me with the following:

While attending the Dunham School in Madrid the teacher taught us the presidents of the United States in the form of a poem. However, over the years I have forgotten the poem and am wondering if there is someone who might have this information. If so, they may contact me at 48 School St., Kingfield, ME 04947. – Evelyn W. Norton, Kingfield.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers perhaps you may be interested in the following poem found online at

The President’s poem

George Washington leads them, the great and the true.

John Adams succeeds him and Jefferson, too.

Madison follows, and fifth comes Monroe,

with John Quincy Adams and Jackson below.

The term of Van Buren to Harrison’s leads;

Tyler, Polk, Taylor, then Fillmore succeeds.

Pierce and Buchanan, and Lincoln in turn,

is followed by Johnson and Grant we discern.

Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur, and Cleveland we score.

Then, Harrison is followed by Cleveland once more.

Then, comes McKinley and the full dinner pail,

and one called “Teddy” who to Cuba, did sail.

William Taft his government began

and Woodrow Wilson, a marvelous man;

Harding, Coolidge are next in the rhyme.

Then, Hoover and the people had a very hard time.

F.D.R. was great in both peace and war;

Truman was striving for what we were fighting for.

The former General Eisenhower

brought the Republicans back to power.

John Kennedy’s victory in the race

was for the New Frontier in the “Age of Space.”

Lyndon Johnson led the people – the free and the brave,

with a goal to achieve and a country to save.

Nixon swore to uphold our creed

of liberty, life and every man’s need,

but by Nixon these rules were ignored.

So, to take his place was President Ford.

Then, came Carter with a cheery smile

to run our country “Southern Style.”

Then, Carter’s smile left his face,

and Reagan came to take his place.

“Dutch” stayed two terms, and Bush filled his station,

bringing with him a “kinder, gentler nation.”

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