Over its 50-plus years of business, LDC has played a significant part in the city’s economic development. Sometimes, LDC has played a major role (buying and developing land in the Lewiston Industrial Park and Turnpike Industrial Park), sometimes serving as a shell corporation allowing companies in the 1960s and ’70s to borrow money for business equipment, recapitalization or expansions. Among the more familiar companies LDC has assisted over the years are:

u Geiger Brothers

u Raytheon

u Paragon Glass

u Bates Mill

u Hill Mill

u Twin City Printery

u Diamond Machine Co.

u Webster Engineering

u American Stabilis

u Spirometrics

u Jones & Vining

u Maine Auto Radiator

u Target Industries

u Johns Manville

u Reed Paper Company

u Cardinal Enterprises

u Hillcrest

u Maine Awards

u Bachmann Industries

u Peck’s

u Diamond Phoenix

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