This year both the eighth graders, and the seventh graders get laptops. In Tripp Middle the seventh graders got theirs. Oct. 6, the eighth graders have already gotten theirs.

This year the laptops are more advanced. We still have all the same things. For example. First Class e-mail. The only thing difference about the laptops is we don’t get the spinning wheel of doom, which is when this little colored ball comes up on your screen, and freezes your computer. We still have it, but it doesn’t freeze up our computers. This leaves us students pretty much stress free, which is nice.

The eighth graders got to take their laptops home during the first week of school. When the eighth graders got their laptops we were already able to take them home unless we didn’t go to the meeting last year. Being able to take ours home is good because of the all the homework we get. Hopefully the seventh graders will he able to get to take their laptops home.

The AOL Issue

On our laptops we are able to go on

The only problem is is that we can instant message people, and we are not able to do that. If we are caught we can get into serious trouble. You can get a detention for using it. The only-reason they don’t want us on AOL is because students will use it during class. Our teachers don’t want to talk to a bunch of students that are not listening. For one thing the teachers tell us that the laptops are not a toy; they are a learning tool. What the administrators are doing is blocking it so it will not be used, so we wouldn’t have that problem again, and the teachers want to keep it that way.

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