St. Peter and Sacred Heart School recently had a banquet for our school soccer team. The team, their family and the coaches came to the banquet that night. There were lots of desserts at the banquet like brownies, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and loads more.

After stuffing ourselves from the excellent food, it was time for awards. We all sat down with our parents and friends, while we listened to Coach Kate Landry and Coach Lori Rioux present their speeches. They also gave out a special thanks to the team for a great year and everybody else who helped out.

After that, we gave our coaches their presents. Coach Kate received a picture of the team, which had a dark blue border around it, with our names signed next to the picture. “St. Peter’s and Sacred Heart School” was cross-stitched on the top of the picture along with “Soccer Team 2003.” This was made by Coach Rioux, the assistant coach and mostly known as our teacher. Coach Rioux received a shirt with a soccer team picture on the back and the team had all signed it.

Then, both of our coaches received flowers with a soccer ball vase that included gift certificates. This gift was from our principal, Sr. Peggy Walsh. Now it was finally time for the team to get awards! Each team member went up and received a sweatshirt along with an award. We shook our coaches’ hands and made special speeches for each of us.

The sweatshirts we had gotten were a light blue with navy blue lettering. They had the school logo located on the front. In big print down the right arm was the numbering 2003. On the upper left arm area was where our nickname or name and number was located. On the back was a huge soccer ball along with the school name and its location. When that was over we all hung out and enjoyed each others company.

After all, it is the last time we will be seeing each other as a team for 2003.

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